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George L. Hudspeth

Mr. Hudspeth is Senior Vice President of Arque Advisors.


He has worked for over 35 years in the organized labor field acting both as a liaison between management and labor and as an adviser and trustee to union pension funds.


From 1994-2004 Mr. Hudspeth worked with Carl Domino Associates, L.P. to offer investment management and services to primarily Taft-Hartley and large state retirement programs  and to also  work with investment consultants.

Carl Domino Associates was merged into Northern Trust Company in 2004.  George remained and employee of Northern Trust Company’s asset management division for a few years post the merger covering the Taft Hartley and Union accounts of the firm. 

Mr. Hudspeth graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a BA in international Business and has a Masters of Industrial Relations from West Virginia University College of Graduate Studies, Charleston, WV.

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