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Arque Advisors and Affiliates

Arque Advisors is a fee only investment advisor and assists investors in the selection of money managers and investments. Arque conducts due diligence on third party managers and has created an early stage manager fund of hedge funds from this activity.

Milton Associates consults with hedge fund investment managers in the creation and development of their businesses including fund structure, documentation and service provider selection.

Concert Investment Strategies 

The Concert Strategies are managed using the proprietary risk management models of  Ferrell Capital Management. These strategies protect investor capital  by managing risk of their portfolios on a daily basis. FCM was founded in 1988 to offer risk consulting and risk managed investments. Currently, Concert International and the Concert US investment strategies are available in separately managed accounts. 

Arque Certificate Management

Arque Certificate Management, LLC has proprietary expertise in the acquistion and management of investments in, and portfolios of, municipal tax lien certificates ("Tax Certificates"). Tax Certificates are created when a property owner fails to pay property taxes or other taxes when due. Municipalities will place a first priority lien on the property and sell the Tax Certificate which is a first priority lien on the property to investors. Coverage ratios are typically 10 to 50 times the amount of the Tax Certificate.

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